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Need to Know

While we are happy to provide you with a DVD/ BluRay/ CD version of your media, you should know that these types of “containers” have an average life span of 7 – 10 years before they begin to chemically decompose (resulting in the corruption of the data on the disc), notwithstanding the inherent risk of actual loss or damage to the “container” itself. As we transition into the digital age these formats are quickly becoming impractical and will eventually become obsolete. If you want to be able to easily share, edit, and make unlimited copies of your media, regardless of the type, then you require the digital file(s) for your computer.

Each individual piece of media we convert (video tape, audio tape, 8mm/16mm film, photo/negative/slide) becomes a unique digital file that can be returned to you on either a data disc, USB, external hard drive, or via dropbox/ the cloud. We keep a copy of your digital files on our backup servers for 30-days post completion providing an additional layer of safety for both you and us. Of course, we are happy to transfer your digital files to one of your devices but otherwise keep a wide variety of USB’s and external hard drives in-stock should you require.

Digital File Formats:

There are a wide variety of digital file formats specific to video, audio and images and we have the capability to output to all of them:

Each format has unique characteristics that are best suited for a variety of potential needs. We will always take the time to walk-you-through the solution that makes the most sense for you – both current and future.

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