Film scanning technical specifications

  • Wetgate for 8, 9.5 and 16 mm
  • Frame-by-frame scanning
  • Sprocketless transportation for shrunken and damaged film
  • PTR rollers for dirt and dust removal
  • 8mm film gate (r8 and s8), 16mm film gate (r16 and s16), 9.5 Pathé filmgate
  • Reversal and color negative film scanning
  • Transparent film
  • Auto Restoration Software (dust & dirt removal, sharpening, stabilization)
  • Scanner is configurable for hardware and firmware, e.g. new filmgates, lighting, camera, operation
  • Adjustable tension control for fragile film
  • Image output without compression for best quality
  • Auto balanced lighting for highest dynamic range capturing
  • Magnetic and optical sound
  • Easy exchangeable cameras
  • Laser stabilization
  • Constant speed capstan driven
  • Multi engine setup for fast forward and fast rewind
  • Adjustable amplifier for sound
  • Intensified LED (optimized for negative scanning)
  • High speed scanning (up to 50 frames per second for 8mm formats)


Our scanner provides a wetgate option for all formats of film.

When a scratch or vertical line in the film emulsion is filled with fluid, light will travel through the film with less refraction.

This results in less visibility of damaged parts of the film. We use standard film cleaner, Isopropanol 99.9%.
The high percentage of alcohol ensures that the fluid will evaporate before it winds up on the reel again.


Our scanner is equipped with a complete sprocketless transport system.
As film can shrink over time and/or sprockets can be damaged a continuous
motion transport is required. Our scanner also comes with a tension
control sensor which will monitor the tension during scanning;
tension can be adjusted during scanning.
This is the best way to be able to digitize different types of films.


Integrated in our scanners is an RGB LED solution and custom software.

The hardware system comprises a high power RGB LED lighting head with pulsed lighting power equivalent to around 350W, mated to a microprocessor controlled precision power driver. Included is a trigger sensor and Neodymium magnet.

A custom software application specifically designed for film capture with ability to provide on-the-fly RGB gamma correction and more complex functions for live colour negative processing.

  • Adjustable colour balanced lighting to match every film type, including colour negative
  • Maximum dynamic range from the camera sensor
  • High speed flash for continuous transport system
  • Integrated capture solution with manual or real time automatic exposure control
  • Capture to 8 or 16bit still frames or direct to AVI in RAW or HQ Bayer conversion, in RGB uncompressed format or with a CODEC of choice
  • Live histogram, Colour Matrix and real-time RGB gamma controls
  • Adjustable framerate
  • Adjustable aspect ratio. Presets for 8mm and 16mm


Auto restoration software comes integrated with the scanner
and is an available option for post-capture output
(along with RAW files) featuring:

  • Dirt removal
  • Stabilization
  • Sharpening
  • De-graining


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