1-Year Guarantee

We provide a 1-year Quality/Service/Performance GUARANTEE on all transfers.

Archival-Grade Tech

We only use archival-grade hardware and software to ensure the safe processing of your materials and provide the highest quality results.

No 3rd Parties

All work is performed in-house at our Toronto (HQ) production office, no 3rd parties / no risks.

All Formats/Outputs

We transfer all types of analog and digital media to any digital format.



The lifespan of analog audio media can vary greatly depending on the media type, how it is stored, and how it is handled. Magnetic media, such as magnetic tapes, can last for decades if properly stored and handled. Grooved recordings, such as vinyl records, tend to be shorter lived than other types of media. Optical discs, both pressed and recordable, can last for generations if stored and handled properly, though it is not uncommon to have some unreadable discs in less than a year.


  To Digital File or CD
After 25% discount
To Digital File + CD
After 25% discount
Compact Cassette $25/tape $30/tape
MiniCassette $30/tape $35/tape
MicroCassette $30/tape $35/tape
MiniDisc $25/disc $30/disc
Record/LP $35/per $40/per
Reel-to-reel $30/hour $35/hour
DTRS $55/tape $60/tape
DAT $32/tape $37/tape
ADAT $55/tape $60/tape
Blank Tape Fee $8.00


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Digital Solutions

Digital files on:
USB / hard drive / the Cloud
DVD / Blu-rays


How much does it cost?

  • For practically ALL FORMATS OF AUDIO we charge a fixed-per tape price. For REEL-to-REEL (also known as OPEN REEL) we charge per 1-hour of recorded material; we count a 1-hour minimum per reel and IF you have more >1-hour of recorded material the fee rolls over for another 1-hour period regardless if it's 5 minutes or 60 minutes.
  • PLEASE NOTE the vast majority of REEL-to-REEL audio max-out at 1 - 2-hours of recorded material.
  • The $/tape rate is specific to the format of AUDIO; for detailed pricing for all services please see our PRICING
What is the process for transferring audiotape?

  • The audiotape is physically inspected for any mechanical or age related issues before processing.
  • PLEASE NOTE we have the facility to handle and remediate such issues accordingly.
  • The audiotape is rewound and played from beginning to end.
  • PLEASE NOTE audiotape transfers are a real-time process ie., 10 hours of audio takes 10 hours to capture BEFORE we do any digital processing.
  • Once the entire audiotape has been captured we have one of our a Sound Engineers remaster the digital-audio making every effort to remove background noise (static), adjust equalization and boost the volume to bring the audio as back to true as able.
How is it organized?

  • We physically label ALL individual tapes with your unique Order#_Code (ie., 60561_X).
  • We create a unique digital file folder reflecting the different format types received (ie., Compact Cassett, Record/LP, MiniCassette).
  • The digital file associated with the physical items will be named the same (ie., 60561_COMPACT_CASSETTE_1) and saved to it's associated file folder.
How long does it take?

  • Standard turnaround times for most retail client orders is 3 - 4 weeks.
  • Expedited (RUSH) service is available and generally provides for a 1 week turnaround; the RUSH fee a flat $25.00 for Orders under <$100.00 and for Orders over >$100.00 the fee is 25% the value of the Order (ie., $200.00 Order counts a $50.00 RUSH fee).
Where is the work done?

  • All transfer services are performed in-house at our 10,000 sq/ft production facility located in Etobicoke LOCATIONS
  • No 3rd parties, No risks.
What / How do I get back?

  • A unique digital file(s) for each individual audiotape provided.
  • ALL the originally provided media is returned.
  • You have the option for the digital files to be returned via:
  • a USB or External Hard Drive that YOU provide at either drop-off or pick-up.
  • a USB or External Hard Drive that WE provide commensurate with your project requirements.
  • our Cloud Service.
  • CD.
Can I edit the digital content (myself) post receipt?

  • Your digital files are totally "unlocked" and available to be copied and shared (without limit) at your discretion.
  • PLEASE NOTE that editing audio can prove to be more involved than it appears given the need for both hardware and software. Should you require assistance with editing we can help!



Etobicoke office map

Etobicoke (HQ)

415 Horner Ave. #8
Toronto, ON, M8W 4W3
416 479 0903

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North York

265 Rimrock Rd. #2A
Toronto, ON, M3J 3C6
416 479 0903

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In 2014 Digital Treasures went fully commercial and became a part of the Digital Treasury Group (DTG). DTG is exclusively focused on being the highest-quality provider of full-suite media conversion and archiving services nationally. We operate under a fully integrated ‘lean’ business model utilizing industry best practices for providing low-cost/high-value digital solutions to the commercial, institutional and retail marketplaces. Our infrastructure has been purpose-built to (1) mitigate all potential risks associated with the handling and processing of a high volume of multiple media formats and (2) ensure the delivery of a best-quality digital solution fit to the client’s specific requirements. Our methodology is based upon 10 years of dedicated media conversion and archiving experience coupled with 15 years of leading-edge corporate experience resulting in the creation of what we know to be the “best in class” provider of these services in Canada.

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