16mm, Super16 Film Scanning

16mm, Super16 to Digital File and/or DVD Conversion Service in Toronto and the GTA

We offer a full suite of solutions to convert and transfer your 16mm Film and Super16 Film reels into a digital file or DVD/Blu-ray format.

At first, targeted towards Educational and Industrial institutions, the 16mm format film was developed by Kodak in the 1920s to offer a cost-effective alternative to 35mm film. The medium, which would benefit from the introduction of cellulose acetate as a base material, had become the first consumer level film format to be completely non-flammable, a problem which plagued the 35mm’s nitrate with a tendency to overheat during playback.

While it’s economical traits made it a wise choice for industrial organizations, including the United States Military whose training and instructional videos would be found exclusively on the format, Kodak was able to appeal to a large portion of the home-movie market with the introduction of a film rental system, the Kodascope Library.

This film format is easily distinguished by it’s 16mm width. Early versions could be found with perforations along both sides. But upon the inclusion of sound, in the 1930s, the film would feature perforations on only one side, while reserving the other for a soundtrack.



Our technology and process provides for a true frame-by-frame digital capture of your film with the option for a "Standard Definition" OR "High Definition (2K)" scan best suited for today's HD-large screen TV's. The price to convert 8mm / Super8 / 16mm film to a unique DIGITAL FILE (one per reel) or DVD (chaptered) is based on a per reel / per linear foot of film basis which is prorated to reflect the actual amount of film we process – you only pay for what you get back.

Our Standard Grade process provides for a RAW transfer of the film to either Standard Definition MPEG4 digital file or DVD.

Our Family Grade process provides for full “digital clean up” of the footage adjusting for contrast, light and grain as well colour-correction to either a (1) Standard Definition MPEG4 digital file or DVD or (2) a High Definition MPEG4 (HD) or an uncompressed .MOV digital file.

Turn around time is 15 - 20 business days and once complete we will contact you to coordinate pick-up/ return. We do offer a RUSH SERVICE with 24 – 72 hour turn around guaranteed – the rush fee is 25% the value of the order.


8mm with sound


Super8 with sound


9.5mm with sound


16mm with sound

9.5 and 16mm Film Pricing

standard definition
No colour correction
No Scene-by-scene editing
PTR film cleaning
640 x 480 resolution
True frame-by-frame scan
Film with sound $0.03/ft extra
Family Grade
standard definition
After 35% discount
MPEG4 SD, MOV (ProRes) or DVD
Manual colour & light correction
Scene-by-scene editing
PTR film cleaning
640 x 480 resolution
True frame-by-frame scan
Film with sound $0.05/ft extra
Family Grade
high definition
After 35% discount
MPEG4 HD or ProRes output
Manual colour & light correction
Scene-by-scene editing
PTR film cleaning
1920 x 1080 resolution
True frame-by-frame scan
Film with sound $0.05/ft extra
RGB, DPX, ProRes, MPEG & more
Manual colour & light correction
Scene-by-scene editing
PTR film cleaning + WETGATE
2K: 2048 x 1536 / 4K: 4000 x 3048
True frame-by-frame scan
Film with sound $0.05/ft extra

Technical Specifications



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Digital Solutions

Digital files on:
USB / hard drive / the Cloud
DVD / Blu-rays


How much does it cost?

  • For ALL FILM related services we charge per linear foot of film.
  • FILM reels are measured in diameter-inches with the vast majority of reels falling into the 3-inch (50ft), 5-inch (200ft), 7-inch (400ft) categories. PLEASE NOTE reels sizes can exceed 12-inches (1200ft)+.
  • The $/linear foot rate is specific to the format of FILM and the tier of service; for detailed pricing for all services please see our PRICING
What is the process for transferring film reels?

  • The film is physically inspected for any mechanical or age related issues before processing.
  • NOTE we have the facility to handle and remediate such issues accordingly.
  • We scan each individual frame of film creating a raw, uncompressed master file.
  • Depending on the tier of service (ie., Family Grade or Archival Grade), once the film has been scanned to digital we perform a comprehensive “digital clean up” of the captured film footage providing for enhancements to colour, contrast, light, and grain.
  • If the film has audio it will be captured and incorporated into the provided digital file.
Why would I pick the 2K (HD) or 4K (UHD) for my film?

  • FIlm is very information dense and provides for the ability to scan in either true 2K or 4K resolutions; ALL new TV's are smartTV's with 2K HD being the new minimum resolution.
  • Resolution refers to the number of pixels a video contains both horizontally and vertically (H: 1920 x V: 1080). These video parameters determine how much space of a digital display the video will natively occupy. In other words, the higher the resolution, the greater percentage of the screen will be occupied by the video upon playback. Should you, for example, attempt to play a Standard Definition video on a High Definition, or Ultra High Definition display, you would experience a substantial loss of clarity, as the screen attempts to make up the difference in the pixel shortage.
  • As screens continue to get larger and larger and we continue to increase video resolution it's clear that future-proofing your content in the highest available resolution today - is the best way to ensure content remains up to standard for as long as possible.
  • For a detailed video explaining these benefits please see our INFO
What is Wetgate?

  • A wetgate is a film gate that is submerged in liquid, used for film restoration and archival scanning. Scanning film into 2K or 4K digital files using the wetgate feature and enhanced digital image processing is both extremely time consuming (ie., a single 20 minute reel takes 2 hours to scan into digital) and requires enormous computing power but the final results speak for itself. When a scratch or vertical line in the film emulsion is filled with fluid, light will travel through the film with less refraction. This results in less visibility of damaged parts of the film. We use standard film cleaner, Isopropanol 99.9%. The high percentage of alcohol ensures that the fluid will evaporate before it winds up on the reel again. Enhanced digital image processing provides for dirt removal, stabilisation, sharpening, de-graining.
How is it organized?

  • We physically label ALL individual film reels with your unique Order#_Code (ie., 60561_X).
  • We create a unique digital file folder reflecting the different format types received (ie., 8MM, 9.5MM, 16MM, 35MM).
  • The digital file associated with the physical film reel will be named the same (ie., 60561_8MM FILM_1) and saved to it's associated file folder.
How long does it take?

  • Standard turnaround times for most retail client orders is 3 - 4 weeks.
  • Expedited (RUSH) service is available and generally provides for a 1 week turnaround; the RUSH fee a flat $25.00 for Orders under <$100.00 and for Orders over >$100.00 the fee is 25% the value of the Order (ie., $200.00 Order counts a $50.00 RUSH fee).
Where is the work done?

  • All transfer services are performed in-house at our 10,000 sq/ft production facility located in Etobicoke LOCATIONS
  • No 3rd parties, No risks.
What / How do I get back?

  • A unique digital file(s) for each individual film reel provided.
  • ALL the originally provided media is returned.
  • You have the option for the digital files to be returned via:
  • a USB or External Hard Drive that YOU provide at either drop-off or pick-up.
  • a USB or External Hard Drive that WE provide commensurate with your project requirements.
  • our Cloud Service.
  • DVD / BluRay.
Can I edit the digital content (myself) post receipt?

  • Your digital files are totally "unlocked" and available to be copied and shared (without limit) at your discretion.
  • PLEASE NOTE that editing video can prove to be more involved than it appears given the need for both hardware and software. Should you require assistance with editing we can help!



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